What We Do

Whether you’re a prospective cyber professional seeking to fast-track your cyber career, a university that wants to serve more cyber students, or an employer looking for a no-cost bench of job-ready cyber candidates, the SCIPP International Cyber Talent Pipeline is your one-stop shop for all of your cybersecurity talent needs.

SCIPP International’s Cyber Talent Pipeline helps:

  • Newcomers quickly become cyber job-ready.
  • Cyber pros round out their skills and gain valuable experience.
  • Cyber job candidates become more marketable and get jobs faster.
  • Candidates get better cyber jobs faster.
  • Employers find better, more qualified cyber talent faster.

The Cyber Talent Pipeline produces cyber job-ready candidates matched with the verified skills that employers desperately seek through an employer-guided, employer-developed, and employer-delivered cybersecurity preparation technology platform. Our proprietary CyberEQ is an AI-guided, cyber talent evaluation system used to match candidates and employers, creating valuable connections in the fastest and most effective way.

Our unique technology-driven approach reduces wasted time for candidates and employers by solving the talent gap for highly qualified job-ready cyber pros in a highly effective coaching and training platform.