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SCIPP International’s Cybersecurity Talent Pipeline is closing the cybersecurity talent gap by training and connecting highly qualified job-ready cyber professionals with top employers in a one-stop, technology-driven talent and training platform.

The challenge of filling this critical talent gap has far-reaching implications as, currently, employers lack the cyber talent to prevent billions of cybercrime losses. Per PR Newswire, there are 770,000 unfilled open cyber jobs in the US. Preventing these cybercrime losses requires filling these open roles with highly qualified cyber professionals.

Employers continue to express frustration that universities and cyber training organizations do not provide job-ready cyber candidates to fill open positions. These employers add that candidates are often “cyber certified” in that they know how to pass exams but still cannot perform critical cyber tasks. Through SCIPP International’s technology-driven solutions, these candidates are job-ready cyber pros, qualified in their experience that measure job readiness to match open job roles accurately and ensure the right fit for candidates and employers.

Candidates and employers can now tap the Cyber Talent Pipeline to benefit from its offerings, including:


  • Validation of experience through CyberEQ.
  • Hands-on cyber project experience.
  • University certificates.
  • Cyber career coaching.
  • Practitioner mentoring and references.


  • Validation of experience through CyberEQ.
  • Candidates validated as job-ready cyber pros.
  • Access to candidates from underserved populations, including veterans.
  • Candidates with clearance.

Whether you are a candidate looking to enter into or advance your cyber career or an employer searching for top cyber talent, the SCIPP International Cyber Talent Pipeline is the one-stop for all your needs.

Join us and become a part of the Cyber Talent Pipeline!