What is the Cyber Talent Pipeline and Why Should I Care?

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The SCIPP International Cyber Talent Pipeline is designed to address the talent gap in the cybersecurity industry. This is a game-changer for the cybersecurity industry. It offers a technology-driven approach to help newcomers become job-ready, enable cybersecurity professionals to round out their skills and gain valuable experience, and help cyber job candidates become more marketable and find better jobs faster.

The Cyber Talent Pipeline is one of the largest communities of cyber professionals and employers focused on matching you with a top cyber employer. Since it’s one of the largest communities out there, it is able to drastically reduce the wasted time that candidates and employers spend looking for each other. Simply put, the SCIPP International Cyber Talent Pipeline is considered a one-stop shop for all of your cybersecurity talent needs, whether you are a prospective cyber professional looking to fast-track your cyber career, a university that wants to serve more cyber students, or an employer looking for a no-cost cyber bench of job-ready cyber candidates.

Fast-Track Your Cyber Career.

Whether you are looking to change your career from a field different from cyber, someone seeking a new job, a military veteran, or someone in IT looking to advance into cyber, you can fast-track your cyber career with the Cyber Talent Pipeline.

Change your life in 16 weeks with the help of the Senior Cyber Practitioner faculty, who prepare you by having you complete projects that prepare you for different situations. This is possible because faculty are also employers, so they know what other employers are looking for in candidates. You will receive hands-on NIST Risk Management Framework experience and acquire cyber career coaching throughout the program. In addition, a team member will review and work with you to develop your resume and LinkedIn profile to ensure you’re highlighting everything you will have accomplished in the program. Then, upon completion of the program, there is job placement assistance.

The best way to find out how we can help is to complete your Cyber EQ Assessment here so you can receive your Cyber EQ score and set up your meeting with a Cyber Career Architect.

What Is The Cyber EQ Assessment?

An essential piece to the Cyber Talent Pipeline, our proprietary CyberEQ is an AI-guided, cyber talent evaluation system used to match candidates and employers, creating valuable connections fastest and most effectively.

Our unique technology-driven approach reduces the wasted time for candidates and employers by solving the talent gap for highly qualified, job-ready cyber pros in a highly effective coaching and training platform.

Take the test today and receive a Cyber EQ score so cyber career architects know how best to direct you to the next step.

Universities Partner With SCIPP.

Universities are putting more and more resources towards developing Cybersecurity programs to address the growing demand for skilled professionals, address the shortage of cybersecurity professionals, increase cybersecurity awareness, and take advantage of government funding opportunities that are out there.

The SCIPP Cyber Talent Pipeline offers excellent benefits to universities that want to up the ante, so to speak, when offering potential students quality cybersecurity training. There are opportunities for universities to become delivery or talent partners.

Eastern Shore Community College, a delivery partner of SCIPP International, offers several cybersecurity certificate programs. As part of this partnership, SCIPP invests and markets to enroll students, provides them SCIPP training, assists with cybersecurity internships, and provides enhanced career coaching focused on personalized placement with cybersecurity employers.

By joining the Cyber Talent Pipeline, you are doing your part to help fight cybercrime by graduating job-ready cyber pros. Know that you’re graduating individuals filling top cyber jobs that can make $100K+, leading to growing your cyber enrollments.

Become An Employer Partner.

Employers need highly qualified professionals to fill the growing employment gaps in professions like cybersecurity. There are over 3.5 million cyber openings worldwide, which could be a little low because of ransomware. There have been around a trillion dollars per year in ransomware attacks and ongoing data breaches. This number will continue to grow yearly, which could amount to roughly 10.5 trillion dollars of cybercrime expenses by 2025.

SCIPP’s Cyber Talent Pipeline can be a valuable source for employers as the largest and most highly specialized candidate database. By joining, employers will be able to reduce cyber hiring costs because, based on our CyberEQ Assessment, we can match the best candidate for the position. Not only are employers reducing those costs, but they are also increasing their cyber speed to hire, ultimately saving time and money and, at the same time, building an internal cyber talent pipeline with cost-effective upskilling.

Why Should You Take Advantage of The Cyber Talent Pipeline?

As the demand continues to grow for cyber professionals and there is a shortage of qualified employees to fill all the available roles, this pipeline will fill in the gaps in the different areas. The Cyber Talent Pipeline is expected to help thousands of individuals take the next step in their cyber careers within the next few years. By becoming part of this community, you can increase your chances of finding a top cyber employer or a highly qualified cyber professional for your business.

You could be one of them. You can be on the frontlines in a new way of helping people and protecting them from cybercrimes.


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